Diamond Shield


Automotive Film Restoration is certified by Diamond Shield to take care of all your paint protection needs including removals, installations, and warranty related work. 

Diamond Shield is the #1 paint protection film chosen by many customers and  RV manufacturers to protect their motor coach, RV, and other automobiles from the outdoor elements and road debris.

Diamond Shield is now offering the best and newest film on the market Nano-Fusion.

It's been proven to be the best performing PPF product on the market based on seven years of field performance in some of the most challenging environments on earth, including desert conditions like Saudi Arabia. The only PPF product resistant to staining from: insects, chemicals, and acids rain. Recognized by multiple automotive OEMs as a qualified PPF product, suitable for assembly plant installation. Excellent product extensibility, installation flexibility and limited Lifetime Warranty.

3 step easy care plan


Wiping bugs and road grime off your vehicle, with a wet soft cloth, as soon as you get a chance is essential to keeping your film looking great. This will also reduce the risk of staining and discoloration from bug acids, runoff stains, and road grime left on for an extended period. When done apply 303 Aerospace Protectant!


Washing your film monthly will give your film the deep clean it deserves and will ensure the film remains crystal clear. Use Bug Magic as a prewash by spraying it directly onto the vehicle or use a prewash by spraying directly onto the vehicle or use it as a wash aid by adding it to your wash water! Bug Magic will drastically reduce wash time, is the only approved bug remover, and its biodegradable! Just use any liquid car wash solution and soft mitt. When you’re done don’t forget to apply 303 Aerospace Protectant!


Waxing your film on a quarterly basis, or more, will add the extra layer of protection to your film. Keeping it waxed will prevent damage from bug acids and road grime, and allow the film to effortlessly be wiped clean. We recommend using a synthetic cream wax specifically Mothers, or Meguiars Liquid Cream Cleaner Wax.

General Care Precautions

Several cleaning techniques and cleaning products that should NEVER be used on the areas protected by Diamond Shield on your vehicle include:

DO NOT: Pressure Wash

DO NOT: Use Rain-X Products

DO NOT: Use any abrasive brushes, rags, cloths or compounds

This general care list is not comprehensive. Please call Diamond Shield at 1-888-806-5862 before using any products not specifically listed on our website. Using unapproved sprays, cloths, or waxes may cause damage to the film, which may not be covered under warranty.

Diamond Shield is one of the best paint protection films in the industry. It drives many manufacturers to apply it to there RV or other automotive to protect against all the elements.